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fyealucyliu edits: Idris Elba & Lucy at the August 25, 2014 Emmys afterparty
fyealucyliu edits: Idris Elba & Lucy at the August 25, 2014 Emmys afterparty
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Idris Elba Accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge

He should of took his jacket and shirt off! :(

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Tony Denison’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Since some people were unable to open the link the I posted earlier, here is Tony’s challenge which is "Holly Molly cute n’ sexy!"

We know who he should challenge next (I’d say GW, but I can see him in his Provenza face saying “I don’t dump buckets of ice water on my head, but you and the Captain sure need to”.)

Nice! Tony should of challenge Mary. <3 :D

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Mary Poppins icons in honor of the movies 50th anniversary. Please like or reblog is using!  

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Disney Store: Mary Poppins:)


Disney Store: Mary Poppins:)

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how do people have relationship after relationship like i can’t find a single person to find me remotely attractive for a solid second

My life


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Emma and Tindy in Liberia being interviewed on The Andrew Marr Show

11:29 pm - Tue, Aug 26, 2014
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WHAT?!?! My heart is breaking! I can’t believe the injustices to all the victims/survivors that had to go these horrors! Their childhoods were taken from then. They’ll never be able to get them back. How did this go on for so long?! I wish I could read the original news report on this…This is absolutely horrible. I hope the survivors of these crimes are now going to get the help they need psychologically, physically, and every other way they might need it. THIS IS NOT OK!

OMG! WTF is the world coming to!  :(

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Emma Thompson, Last Chance Harvey, AFI Film Festival

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